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Class Visits - Demonstrations for the Classroom

TEACHERS - Jazz up your science class by having an "In Class Field Trip." Introduce chemistry, physics or biology units with inquiry based science. Spark imagination and fire up creativity in your classroom. Our most frequently requested programs are:

  • Forces and Motion - All About Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Matter Does Matter - Properties of Solids Liquids and Gases
  • Buzzing with Energy - Electricity and more
  • Mini Robots - Meet the Cubelets during this Engineering focused program

For more detailed descriptions click here.

50-60 minute modules fit into your school day. We bring all science materials and equipment. Each program can be customized for your classroom and can include teacher demonstrations, inquiry activities, take home projects and/or science journaling to promote literacy.

Want to make as visit a regular part of your curriculum, discounts for multiple visits help to make it affordable (not available in all Regions). Call today to set up a program because scheduling slots are limited.